What are the best books for BioChemistry?

Satyanarayan or Vasudevan.

Carbs, protein, fat metabolism: Vasudevan.

Molecular biology : Satyanarayan

Purine and pyrimidine metabolism: Satayanarayan (its very brief in Vasudevan, see the purine metabolism in it, it is given only in a picture with no furthur explanation, I had to learn about it the hard way!)

Small topics at the end of book: Satyanarayan.

As I have mentioned books according to the topics, you might think I am wrong about it, may be I am. You could have heard many say, stick to one book, don’t jump from one to another, its counterproductive. But in contrast, it has helped me for I read the topics which are better mentioned in that particular book. For example, Guyton himself, in his labs, has conducted experiments on CVS so that the book will be good at it and you can’t extrapolate this to other topics of the same book.

I am sure I would have missed mentioning a few topics; if you want to know about it, name it, I will help you with it.