What are the best books for Physiology?

(The most nearest thing that comes to Medicine)

Respiratory system : Ganong
CNS and Endocrinology: Ganong (a must for this)
CVS: Guyton
GE : Ganong for general, AK Jain for specific systems in it.
NMJ: Guyton
Endocrinology : Mahapathra has briefed it well.

  • I am not exaggerating when saying Ganong , for it has some of the best info for some of the topics. Read glaucoma in this and later in another one, you will see what I mean. Just for equitable representation and justice read an ophthal book to see which of the book is right and how daring contrast the other books teach on glaucoma. It takes some time to be in accord with the way of his writing, but you will get accustomed to it. Read the older version, the versions which was written before Ganong died. Recent versions are written by some other guy.
  • Read physiology well, and you will get pathology in a breeze. Pathology and medicine are disordered physiology, in simple terms. So if you get physio right there will be no problem or less problem with the succeeding other two.
  • Guyton may seem like humongous one, at first, but most of it is repeated, most are redundant. Don’t be surprised to read two different sentences ,paragraphs apart, teaching the same exact concept but with different choice of words.
  • AK Jain is in point format, so as to say, there is less of reasoning and more of facts. Its good to know the facts but it is better to know the reason behind it, for reason helps consolidate the facts. So, use AK Jain while revising.